A big bang of possibilities

An advanced yet user-friendly content management system, based on the full stack Symfony framework combined with a whole host of community bundles.

Analytics dashboard Analytics dashboard
Page editor Page editor
Media management Media management
Advanced, yet ease to use

Advanced, yet ease to use

The content management system uses a “building block” concept for managing page content. This allows the creation of truly flexible page within the style of the website.

Built in and fully integrated media manager

Built in and fully integrated media manager

The platform provides a manager so you can store images, presentations, audio, videos and ordinary files in a structured manner.

Versioning, permissions 
and multilingual

Versioning, permissions 
and multilingual

All pages, forms and, optionally, some types of content in the list manager are fully version-managed & multilingual. A role based access rights manager handles all security restrictions.

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The next giant leap of mankind

You probably know that building good looking website management interfaces is hard work. That's why we combined over a decade of experience in designing and developing content management systems (CMS) with the Symfony framework (and community bundles), to create a set of bundles that enable you to create high quality, flexible and above all user-friendly CMS based websites without the hassle of creating the admin interface.

  • 10.657 Commits
  • 100+ Contributors
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Beyond the naked eye

Kunstmaan CMS, is a selfhosted content managing platform based on the symfony framework. It is quick to set up, easy to extend and configure, and above all, it's a joy to use!

Kunstmaan CMS

Kunstmaan CMS

  • Advanced yet user-friendly content management system
  • Fully featured... versioning, workflow, translations, media management and much more.
  • Multi language
  • 100% Open Source


  • Makes it easy for people to contribute to our cms.
  • A central repository that tracks changes over the codebase.
  • Version management and visualizing changes over each release.
  • Many integrations are possible like automatic testing and syntax checking.
Symfony framework

Symfony framework

  • Popular & mature PHP framework
  • Great ecosystem, contributors, documentation
  • Flexible yet stable
  • Open source, no licence costs


  • High performance
  • Flexible and dynamic
  • Provides access to many great frameworks
  • Powers 80% of the web


Explore new horizons with endless possibilities

  • Multilingual


  • Built-in Google Analytics dashboard

    Built-in Google Analytics dashboard

  • Media library

    Media library

  • Form builder

    Form builder

  • User friendly interface

    User friendly interface

  • SEO Friendly & social network integration

    SEO Friendly & social network integration

  • Rapid development

    Rapid development

  • Single backend for multiple websites

    Single backend for multiple websites

  • Built-in permissions module

    Built-in permissions module

  • Content versioning

    Content versioning

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Part of the Galaxy

Kunstmaan CMS is built with a host of popular, widely used, open source web tools. Since we know we can trust on these tools, we can focus on making the CMS as great as we possibly can.